Discover The Top 5 Cities To Chicken Fight In This Summer

USA - With summer in full effect, now is the perfect time to rank the best cities across America to engage in hand-to-shoulder combat. Because, why not?



Tempe is the perfect combination of sun, youth, and drunken shenanigans, pretty much 24/7/365.  If there was ever a sport that Arizona State could dominate, it is chicken fighting.  Delta Gamma Anchor Splash seems like a natural fit for an intra-fraternity/sorority battle. 

But Arizona offers fun for participants of all ages, so snowbirds and retirees should dawn their one-piece suits and bathing caps and mount up. Grandpa and grandma will tell you, there is no greater joy than whipping Sid and Marge Lieberman in the pool to win the chicken fighting championship at Sun City West, Phase II.


Philly has always been known as a kind, inviting, and tolerant city. Why not help give the community a desperately needed ‘edge’ by chicken fighting in the clean, beautiful waters of the Schuylkill River.  Philly’s most iconic symbol, the Liberty Bell, has a substantial crack in it, and chicken fighters have been known to flash a fair bit of crack, in the heat of battle, as well – so it is as the marketing geniuses at chicken fight club say, kismet.


While brother/sister teams typically dominate chicken fighting at the Missouri Dragon, you should round up your kin and non-kin folk and jump in damned up Osage River for some shoulder-to-shoulder fun.  The strumming of banjos or sounds of Lynyrd Skynyrd cover bands pulsating from holler to holler sets the pace.


Pittsburgh boasts a meeting of three rivers, so it’s a natural destination to check off your Chicken Fighting Bucket List. You do have a Chicken Fighting Bucket List, right?  It is also the City of Champions, so it feels like an inaugural championship battle at Chicken Fight Club 1 (CFC 1) is a natural fit for the Steel City.  Let’s make this happen #crusintikispittsurgh!


And our top “hot spot” for summer is none other than The Motor City. Whether it’s fighting in the Detroit River (lead and mercury never hurt anybody) or on Lake St. Clair, you have the luxury of giving the middle finger to our neighbors to the north after losing your shirt at one of Windsor’s finest casinos.  Let’s face it, you already selected Lose Yourself, by Detroit’s prodigal son, Eminem, as your swim up music for your next chicken fight anyway, so you might as well get the home crowd behind you.