Area Lifeguard Tired Of Saving Lives, Dreams Of Chicken Fighting

OCEAN CITY, MARYLAND - Local lifeguarding legend and part-time male dancer Rod “The Bod” Strickland has lost his zest for life saving after years of being a leader in his field. “It was after I went to a buddy’s pool party he had celebrating his Dog’s 15th birthday, which is like 100 people years, and a chicken fight broke out that I started to feel like saving lives just wasn’t gonna cut it anymore.”

Strickland went on to say that he feels his true calling is to chicken fight his way around the world. His only hurdle is breaking the news to the owner of the strip-o-gram agency he works at part time, a person whom he credits with giving him a new lease on life when his best friend’s mom finally kicked him off their basement  couch and onto the street, forcing Strickland to live in his Gremlin for 8 months.

An Ocean City legend, Strickland is credited with saving nine children from cramps and no fewer than four newly divorced women from alimony.


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