White House Dogs Dispatched To Get Eyes On Chicken Fighters In Reflecting Pool

NATIONAL MALL - In the continuing saga of White House dogs who bite, President Biden’s twin German Shepherds, Major and Commander, were alleged to have stalked a local Washington DC couple casually chicken fighting in the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool in May of 2021.

Carl and Marla Fregetti of Georgetown were chicken fighting in the Reflecting Pool when they sensed they were being watched.

The couple reported the actions of the two Presidential pups to Park Police as “suspicious”, “unsettling”, and “against their god-given right as Americans to chicken fight when and where they please without fear of harassment by government officials.”

“As Americans, we must remain vigilant against any and all encroachments on our civil liberties, and these dogs were absolutely encroaching. Tons of encroachment here. Given their history of biting people who probably deserved it, I must call on President Biden to have the dogs remanded to a shelter in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba“

The White House Press Office was unavailable for comment.


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